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At Pavilion Medical, we know that it can be difficult for our patients to keep up with their personal hygiene when they are feeling ill, or have recently had surgery or recently returned home after a long hospital stay. That’s why our staff helps our patients with hygiene practices that prevent and / or minimize disease and the spread of disease.

We understand that people with reduced immunity to infection, who are looked after at home, make up an increasing proportion of the population, according to research presented at the 2009 International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene.

That’s why our team of professionals is careful to help our patients maintain independence and dignity, while keeping them safe and clean.

Among other personal hygiene needs, we assist with:

  • Bathing: This promotes good health, helps your loved one to relax, and provides an opportunity for increasing circulation and moving the extremities of a bed-bound person. We help transfer the patient to the bathtub or walk to take a shower or tub bath, assist with a bed bath, and shampoo their hair.
  • Grooming: Since good grooming is important to a person’s self-esteem, we assist with combing or brushing hair, providing fingernail care, providing foot care, helping someone shave, assisting with oral care, performing oral care on an unconscious person, flossing teeth, assisting with denture care, and reinserting dentures.
  • Using the toilet: Because our patients may also need assistance using the bathroom, we assist in helping them use a bedpan, urinal, and when possible take them to the toilet or a portable commode.
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